The Big Boys in the gym have discovered it, now it’s your turn to discover

Inner Armour Hard Mass the ultimate muscle building protein powder designed for heavy training athletes and light weight individuals who want to pack on solid muscle.

Inner Armour Hard Mass is a specialised muscle growth food supplement that helps increase your caloric intake for hardcore muscle growth. If you find it difficult to gain weight, you shall struggle no longer, Hard Mass is perfect for slapping on pounds of lean hard muscle.


  • Mass Gainer
  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Builds Solid Muscle
  • Sustained Energy
  • BCAA’s
  • Serious Trainers & Hard Gainers- to pack on size
  • Accelerate Muscle Recovery
  • Enhance Immune System

Inner Armour Hard Mass contains the exclusive formula Glycogain, consisting of a long and short chain carbohydrate blend that drives the anabolic (muscle building) nutrients right in to the muscles, providing complete absorption for maximum muscle building.

Hard Mass™ Targeted Ingredients Feature

Precision Pro™ (Amino Acid Ratio Specific Protein Complex) This advanced protein blend uses a groundbreaking ratio of specific proteins to achieve the desired amino acid profile necessary to trigger an anabolic muscle building reaction, while also achieving an anti-catabolic muscle protecting reaction. This balance is the most critical thing to a bodybuilder as it helps maintain what is called “positive nitrogen balance”. Translation – Muscle Growth.*


High Molecular Weight Carbohydrate and Nutrient Uptake Breakthrough WaxySpeed™ with Waxy Maize carbohydrate technology dramatically helps the speed at which amino acids, protein, carbohydrates, creatine and other critical nutrients pass through the stomach, while also increasing the amount that are absorbed.* This carbohydrate technology acts like an internal vacuum by pulling nutrients and water directly into muscle faster.* This “vacuum like process” is activated by its high molecular weight and allows your body to absorb much greater amounts at an incredibly fast rate.*