Muscle Building Whey Protein Powder


total protein


When it comes to picking the right protein that works best for you, ask yourself one single, major question – “WHAT DO I WANT TO LOOK LIKE?” – Yeah, we know exactly what you want. You want to build muscle, increase strength, and carve out a physique etched in stone. Sounds easy, huh? Well, the problem is most of the proteins on the market are over-hyped and poorly formulated. These over-hyped proteins contain a lot of fillers, flavors and sweeteners that have little to do with getting the protein you need to get maximum benefit from your protocol. This is exactly why TOTAL PROTEIN™ delivers. It provides a mouth watering generous amount of protein per serving and is theONLY ONE that comes with the endorsement of 4X Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, himself.


If there is one nutrient that every athlete and bodybuilder must have, it’s protein. Protein forms the building blocks for your muscle tissue, so withoutit your body would lack a critical component needed for muscle to even exist. More importantly, whey protein is one of the most efficient forms for helping build lean muscle. Anyone who works out wants complete results. Protein is a huge part of getting results, and TOTAL PROTEIN™ is a complete blend – to help you get the results you want – WHEN YOU NEED IT!