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  • Pro Size Arm Training
    This workout is designed to target the “show me” muscles in the forearm, namely the brachioradialis and flexor group, which complete nearly all poses in competitive bodybuilding and enhance the exposed area of anyone wearing short sleeves.
  • The Secret to the Perfect Squat
    The squat is one of the most effective exercises on the planet. It works nearly every muscle in your body—including your core - and burns tons of calories. Trouble is, plenty of guys are doing it wrong. The fix? An exercise called the goblet squat. It's probably the very best way to help you learn how to squat like a pro. 
  • Best Supplements for Rugby Players
    Rugby can be a rough and brutal sport, and is every now and then deemed to be a survival of the fittest (literally speaking). Each rugby competitor has to be at the top of his game in all aspects of fitness - training, nutrition and sleeping. Of course, a rugby player’s nutritional gaps should be aptly filled by the proper supplements.

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