Genuine USA Products

Bodybuilding.lk, is Sri Lanka’s first leading nutritional & sports supplement distributor since 2009, Dedicated only to the highest of standards, Bodybuilding.lk brings you the highest caliber genuine supplements and nutritional products importing directly though American suppliers with no third party involvement.

Our passion and obsession revolves around three key principles which are genuineness, consumer well being and effectiveness.

We believe in keeping our consumers informed and providing the highest quality original products that we know which work in a natural and effective way. Bringing products which are regulated by world standard organizations, we work under the strictest of standards when it comes to the brands and products we deal with.

Our vision is to supply legit, trusted and guaranteed nutritional supplements to our customers directly though the manufactures without any third-party involvement and support all Sri Lankans to have a promising and healthier life while achieving their fitness and nutritional goals.

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