Buying Original supplements and identifying fake ones

At a time where the Sri Lankan supplement market is filled with counterfeited and fake products, has set its objectives to bringing the most effective original supplements to the Sri Lankan community.

Bringing genuine high quality products to the Sri Lankan community is one of our top priorities. brings world renowned supplements directly from the mother companies in USA with no third party involvement at all.

When it comes to the products that we bring to our consumers in Sri Lanka, has a transparent shipping line.

Unlike many of the other supplement sellers in Sri Lanka,each and every product that we sell can be identified and can be confirmed as original by contacting the respective mother companies your self.

Unlike the other supplement sellers in Sri Lanka does not import any products from the middle east (dubai) or india where the grey market(fake supplements) exist.

How to identify fake from original

Since many of the fake products are almost 99% identical to the original products, identifying fake products can be quite a hard task.

We would like to recommend the following methods to identifying the original from fake products.

We have invested heavily in doing things the right way and listening to and prioritizing customers on a daily basis. We are passionate about what we do and we care deeply about not only meeting our customers’ expectations, but exceeding them.